Join the thousands of young people who have served in our ministry throughout the years


If you don’t know how, that can
make you feel inadequate and alone. You need to step out in faith.

Our Process

We Train You

Our training will help you discover your God given gifts and abilities and equip you to be an effective minister of the gospel. Whatever vocation you end up in, your training will have a profound impact on the rest of your life.

We Empower You

Once you’re ready, you’ll have opportunities to put your training to use! Whether it’s in a camp setting or a Vacation Bible School, you’ll be ready to teach, counsel and everything in-between. We do everything we can to put you in opportunities where you will succeed.

We Mentor You

Whether it’s for a summer, or for a lifetime, our experienced staff will be here to mentor you every step of the way. From “on-the-job” mentoring, to phone calls and emails, we will invest in your life to help you live a life that matters.

We've worked with thousands of young people in our ministry

Who We Are

We are a Christian mission organization and registered charity,
committed to helping you reach kids with the gospel since 1939.

Our Vision

Helping you reach kids with the gospel.

Our Mission

To evangelize boys and girls with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, disciple them in the Word of God, and establish them in the local church.

Register For CREW

If you’re ready to live a life that matters you’ll need to step out in faith. We understand why this is important to you because we’ve had thousands of young people serve in our ministry over the years.


You need to be 15, or starting Grade 10 in the fall of the year you apply.

Yes! You can apply for our camp service team by emailing

Outbound Crew will teach at 5-day clubs and VBS’s out on the mission field of Ontario.
From Bible lessons to crazy games and fun skits, Outbound Crew will help you share the love of Jesus with kids who have never heard of Him before!
Camp Crew will work at our camp. From epic games to crazy talent shows and intimate cabin devotions, Camp Crew is a chance for you to make a huge impact on kids lives!

During training, you’ll stay at our camp and conference centre. All meals are provided.
After training Outbound Crew will stay with host families who are screened by their church. You will be in a new home each week, while Camp Crew will stay at our camp.

First, you’ll learn with a team of like-minded youth, trained by a team of dedicated staff. You’ll have a chance to practice together and get to know each other before you go out to the field.
Then Outbound Crew will be sent out with a partner, while Camp Crew will be part of the camp team.

At our two-week, Summer Ministry Training Program, you’ll learn how to prepare and teach Bible lessons, songs, games and so much more. And, you’ll have plenty of hands-on practice time.
Second year students get fresh, second-year training classes, building on what you learned the first year.

The more you serve, the less it costs! All fees include your registration for a week of youth camp at the end of the summer.
If you serve any 1 week, your cost is $450
If you serve any 2 weeks, your cost is $300
If you serve any 3 weeks, your cost is $150
If you serve any 4 weeks, your cost is $50
If you serve any 5 weeks, your cost is FREE!
Note: Cost is for the summer, not the week!

If you serve 3 or more weeks with us you can raise financial support up to $600 per week that you serve with us, including the two weeks of training, plus the cost of training.
Not sure how to raise support? We will help you learn how to do it!

After the 2 weeks of training, you can serve for up to 5 weeks of summer ministry, then come to our week-long youth camp!

In addition to our week-long youth camp, we hold two youth retreats each year, one in the fall, and one in the spring. Come and be filled and refreshed! From epic games, to chilling with friends, to deep spiritual messages and intimate devotional times, you won’t want to miss these!

There are lots of opportunities to serve in kids clubs and at kids camp throughout the year. Plus the skills you learned will be very useful as you serve in your own church, youth group, etc.
Once you’ve served with us you can apply for our Sept-Aug leadership program, Engage Crew. Through one-on-one mentorship and group activities, you’ll be encouraged to grow deep in your faith. You’ll gain leadership skills and learn how to use them in ministry with opportunities to practice them in real ministry. And you’ll make great friends who share your desire to serve God whole-heartedly!

You can sign up be notified of upcoming CREW events throughout the year using this link:

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