Be their Uber (#1 of 12 Things)

Be their Uber (#1 of 12 Things)

Do you ever fear for the future of our kids?
Do you ever ask yourself what you can do to help them?
Over 12 weeks I’ll be sharing one thing you can do to help the kids in your life grow closer to God.

May God give you strength, wisdom and joy as you reach tomorrow’s hero!


#1 of 12 Things

Be their Uber

One of the most amazing things I have ever seen in 30 years of ministry was seeing a dad (Denis) consistently drive his son (Daniel)  from Ottawa to Brantford for a CEF youth retreat.

That was at least a six hour drive.  One way. For a weekend retreat.  

Denis didn’t have business to take care of or family in town, he made the drive with the sole purpose of bringing his son to the retreat. 

Crazy, right? I thought so. Or at least I used to (my kids were still little at the time). . 

What I didn’t understand at the time, that Denis did, was that by providing his son with opportunities to connect with his Christian friends, and to grow spiritually,  he was making an eternal investment in his son’s life. 

Denis was investing in his son’s spiritual life like many hockey parents invest in their child’s hockey life.


Now that my kids are older (the oldest just got his G1) I’m constantly driving them around, especially my oldest. 

I’m driving him to hangouts with his church friends every weekend. Driving him to church to volunteer for different events or go to youth group. I’m getting  up at  7am on Sunday morning so he can serve in church service.

It’s exhausting. And I complain sometimes, but it’s worth it. 

He’s building community with his Christian  friends, so if he falls down, the right friends can pick him up. 

He’s finding joy in serving God at a young age. That will stick with him for life. 

Driving him to these events is helping him grow closer to Jesus. 

And we get to talk. In a busy world, our drives are opportunities to talk about life, about what God is doing, and be together, uninterrupted.  

Be their Uber. It pays more than it costs. 

As for Denis and Daniel, they continue to have an awesome relationship. Daniel is married, has two kids and serves as the chair of the CEFOntario Board!

Driving wasn’t the only thing Denis did for Daniel, but it was one of the best things he could have done. 


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