Get fully developed STEM children’s ministry curriculum and programs that engage the kids

Get fully developed STEM children’s ministry curriculum and programs that engage the kids

Who We Are

We are a Christian mission organization and registered charity, committed
to helping you reach kids with the gospel since 1939.

Our Vision

Helping you reach kids with the gospel.

Our Mission

To evangelize boys and girls with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, disciple them in the Word of God, and establish them in the local church.

Our programs take ALL of the heavy
lifting out of your Children’s Ministry programming.

Here is what we offer:

Year-long STEM Club

Week-long STEMcation

Check out our FAQ’s below for more details on both programs.

Our Process

We keep it biblical

No matter how culture and strategies for engaging community may change over time, there is one thing that never changes, God’s Word. So as you engage with your community we provide Bible stories, STEM Genius stories, songs, and memory verses games you can count on to be theologically sound and Christ centred.

We keep it engaging

We can all agree that the children of today are very different than 20 years ago. The internet and an ever-changing technological world have changed the things kids are engaging with along with the ways they learn. That’s why we’ve developed STEM Club and STEMcation. STEM learning is what teachers, parents and kids are all excited about today. It provides a hands-on learning approach that allows kids from all
backgrounds to engage in learning. And since STEM is the study of
the world that God has created, the more kids explore STEM, the more they learn about who God is.

We keep it simple

We know that being in ministry can be overwhelming at times.
That’s why when you sign up for a STEM program you and your
leaders get all the training, curriculum, and STEM equipment that
you need to run your kids program with confidence. All of this
comes in a handy Gadget Hauler. Gone are the days of searching online for visuals and going to the dollar store for “supplemental
material”. We keep it simple so you can focus on what you are
good at: engaging the kids in your community!

Register your church for a STEM program now

You can start a program that will have a lasting impact on kids lives while offering non-church going members of your community a safe way to be introduced to your church.


STEM Club is an after-school style program that runs for 24 weeks during the school year.
STEMcation is a VBS/day-camp program designed to run for 5 days during the summer.

You can learn more about our STEM programs by downloading this information.

You can learn more about our STEMcation program by downloading this information.

Here is the link you can use to register: HERE

Here is the link you can use to register: HERE

Nothing! CEF STEM programs are designed to be easy to use no matter what your experience with STEM is.
The STEM Time is designed to be a discovery learning environment so the kids and leaders can learn and
discover together.
The curriculum has all of the day’s STEM concepts laid out in a way that is easy for your leaders to explain in the Bible Lesson and Memory Verse. This minimizes the amount that you need to know and maximizes the impact
on the kids.

For a group of 20 children a minimum of 3 leaders is recommended. This would include 2 leaders who can teach the curriculum along with 1 general volunteer.
CEF also provides training for your leaders so they feel equipped for success.

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