She felt it necessary to wake me up

She felt it necessary to wake me up

She felt it necessary to wake me up

On a rare Saturday morning where I get to sleep in I heard tiny feet tiptoeing into my room. Then a gentle poking in the back started. I pretended to ignore it hoping my 8-year old daughter would give up and go play.

Only problem is, she doesn’t give up quickly. After some more poking I mumbled, “What?”

She whispered, “The internet’s not working.”

She felt it necessary to wake me up because the internet wasn’t working?!!!  

Then I quickly remembered, she’s Gen Alpha.  Gen Alpha is for kids born between 2010 and 2025. They are the first generation to be born into a fully digital world. Not coincidentally, it’s also the year the iPad was introduced, Instagram came into being, and App was word of the year.  

Being connected is normal to them. Being disconnected is not.

What if we were all as sensitive about our connection to God? What if we were concerned enough about our connection that we would risk waking our dads up on a Saturday morning? How much closer would we be walking with God?

When my kids were toddlers my wife spent time teaching them that God could speak to them. I remember each of them being upset to the point of tears because they hadn’t heard God speak to them yet. They desperately wanted this connection.  

Thankfully, our kids had someone to tell them about the connection they could have with God, and to help build that connection. Unfortunately, there are over two million kids in Ontario who don’t.

Today’s kids are the connected generation, just not to the right source. Would you pray with us for the kids of Ontario today?

Whether you are able to give once, or monthly, we thank you for your unwavering support. 


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