I have you guys to blame…

I have you guys to blame…

I have you guys to blame…


Have you ever been discouraged? Felt like you were in a losing battle and then God unexpectedly does something?

Missionary veteran, Ron Wiebe, shares an inspiring story of how God worked in a way that went beyond anything he could have hoped for.


“Years ago, as directors of a certain area, I was going from youth group to youth group asking youth to join us for the summer to teach 5-day clubs, backyard clubs, and VBS. I just wasn’t able to get anybody.  

Finally, I went to the church where we were going and thought, ‘Is this going to work?’

It did!

A boy and a girl, brother and sister, teenagers, said they would like to come with us to tell boys and girls about the Lord Jesus Christ.  

We went to the city, we did some training with them…it was a wonderful time!

We lost contact with them, but kept in contact with their mom and dad.

Many years later we were in mom and dad’s home, and when we got there, dad looked at us and said,‘You know something, I have you guys to blame for my kids being far away.’

Their son was in England and their daughter was in a “closed” country to the gospel.  

Both of their children were married, had families, and they were missionaries in these countries.

That all started, way back when I was so discouraged…and ended up sending them off onto a career in missions.”

We never know how God is going to work. We are so thankful for the summer missionaries currently serving in the field this summer reaching boys and girls with the gospel.  

Only God knows what greater work He will call them to 


Whether you are able to give once, or monthly, we thank you for your unwavering support. 


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