He asked if his son had told us what happened last night

He asked if his son had told us what happened last night

He asked if his son had told us what happened last night


When you think about reaching kids with the gospel, who do you normally think about?   The kids in the school yard that you drive by on your way to work? The boy on the corner who plays outside by himself? Or, maybe those foul-mouth kids down the street always playing hockey?

What about the kids in your church?

When we think about kids who need Jesus we often overlook the kids in our church. We tend to think that just because they go to church they’re saved. They might have a higher probability of being saved, but just going to church doesn’t mean they are.

We have to remember that all kids are on a spiritual journey, and all kids need to hear the gospel, whether they’re in church, or not.

Crew member, Sam, shared this testimony last week from the 5-day club she was teaching at that reminds us of this.

“There were 3 kids that came to the club and they were the pastor’s kids. I was disappointed and thought that nothing would happen because of course they would all know the gospel. 

But, on Tuesday, when the father came to pick up his kids, he asked if his son told us what had happened last night.

He then said that the son came home and talked about the club and accepted Jesus for the first time!”

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