Because you prayed

Because you prayed

Because you prayed

Prior to the summer we had many unknowns:

  • Who would be our camp cook for the summer?

  • Would we find a bookkeeper before Letty retires?

  • Where would the campers come from?

  • Who would the camp counselors be?

We asked you to pray, and God answered.

He provided Jessica, not just a camp cook, but someone with a huge heart for the children.

He provided Carol, who got connected with us through a former CEF staff member (you’ll meet her in our Christmas newsletter!)

He opened a door for many children of immigrants and refugees to attend. Many of whom heard the gospel for the first time!

He provided the right counselors for camp. A couple could even speak the native languages of the camp kids.


I wish I could say I did a great job finding the right people to join the ministry, or that I opened the door to international families, but the truth is, I didn’t do any of it. God did, because you prayed.

As kids go back to school I’d like to remind you of our “Pray for Tomorrow’s Heroes” Initiative.  

Would you take five minutes a week, with one or two other people, to pray for the kids of Ontario?  

As the summer has reminded us, there is no greater thing we can do than to pray.


Whether you are able to give once, or monthly, we thank you for your unwavering support. 


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